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Monsters and Villains

Without monsters and evil beings, the show wouldn't be named Doctor Who! Here you can read about all those terrifying and dangerous creatures waiting in the darkness and the wicked mad-men, who make our Saturday nights really come to life. These are the other-worldly beings that will most likely make you hide behind the sofa, children and adults! There are so many different types of aliens the Doctor has encountered since 2005, from the lovable little blobs of fat, the Adipose, to the most spine-chilling monster of them all, the Weeping Angels. Or how about find out the different types of Daleks there have been, or the parallel Cybermen? You get the war-hungry Sontarans, the gaseous Gelth and the waspish Vespiform, to the rhino-like Judoon and the Shadow Proclamation. Enter the world of Monsters and Villains... And DON'T BLINK!